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Mobile Loyalty Programs

“Create And Run Your Own Business Mobile Loyalty Program”

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What Do Our Users Say?
  • Since setting up a mobile loyalty program with Mobelio I have found that my clients are using my services more often and are staying with me for longer too. They all love the way it works and collect stamps religiously, even on my group sessions.

    I especially love having the ability to send out a quick email or SMS to all of my clients on my loyalty program. It helps me fill cancellations, group sessions and lets everyone know about special offers I have running.

    Fitness Elite

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Why Setup & Run A Mobile Loyalty Program?

How Do Our Mobile Loyalty Programs Work?
  • Punch Card Style Mobile Loyalty Program

    Reward mobile stamps to your customers for repeat visits and incentivize them towards a reward.

  • Designed Around Your Brand And Business

    Have your own designed mobile loyalty program around your brand and company colours.

  • 100% Cloud Based

    Your customers and loyalty program users don`t need to spend time downloading any apps or installing anything. Your loyalty program is 100% cloud based and can be accessed anywhere in seconds.

  • PIN And Scan Enabled Stamping

    Your loyalty program users can collect stamps at point of sale easily. With PIN based stamps or Automatic QR Code/NFC Scanning ability, customers can collect stamps as they pay for services or products.

  • Collect Customer Data For Marketing Opportunities

    Collect your loyalty program user`s data so you can see whom is signed up and how many stamps they have collected.

  • Email & SMS Integration

    Keep in touch with your loyalty program users via email and SMS. If you have a new offer you want to shout about, or just thank them for being a customer, you have the ability to send emails and SMS messages to all of your loyalty program users with 1 click.

  • Micro Filtering

    Customize and send emails and SMS messages to certain users. Want to send a special thank you to those customers that have visited and collected 10 stamps? Or want to say thanks to those that came in for the first time today? Now you can with our Micro Filtering features.

  • Full Dashboard Management

    Track your users, award stamps, manage your loyalty programs and send marketing messages to users all from one, easy to use intuitive dashboard. You have full control over everything!

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Still Got Questions?

In a nutshell, our mobile loyalty programs work in 3 simple ways…
  • Your customers register for your company branded mobile loyalty program and get their own unique mobile loyalty card!
  • Every time they buy something from you, or use your services, they load it up (in seconds) and collect a stamp! (see one of our FAQs below on collecting stamps and how this works)
  • We collect your customers data (name, email, phone) so you can keep in touch with them (via our email and SMS features), track stamps and reward them!
That's as simple as this is!
Yes, of course. You can decide on how many stamps you require to be filled in, and the incentive or reward.
No, our platform does not require you or your customers to download anything. Our mobile loyalty programs are all web based meaning that they can be loaded by anyone from anywhere and do not require your customers to download anything.
There are 3 ways you can reward stamps.
  • PIN Based - You can setup a unique PIN number for your loyalty program. Every time you award your customers a stamp, you just click on the "Stamp" button and enter your unique PIN number, and a stamp is awarded.
  • Automatic Scanning - We can provide a unique "Stamp" QR code that can be placed at POS, and a simple scan from your customers loyalty card will award a stamp.
  • Kiosk based - Along with two ways to reward stamps in person at point of sale, we also provide you with your own Mobile Loyalty Program account where you can login and award stamps to your customers with 1 click.
So, there are several ways you can reward stamps making it easy and quick for your customers to keep coming back and spending money with you.
Every time one of your customers signs up to your loyalty program we collect their information for you (name, email and phone). We store this data for you within your account so you can track who is using your loyalty program and how many stamps each has got. You also have the ability to send marketing emails and SMS messages to your loyalty program users at any time within our platform, with one click.
To get started, just click here or on any of the green buttons on this page to get started with your mobile loyalty program today.

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