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Mobile Coupon Campaigns

“Create And Run Viral And Powerful Mobile Coupon Campaigns”

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What Do Our Users Say?
  • After hearing about Mobelio through Facebook we decided to give it a go and see were it could take our business, we are a ladies fashion boutique situated in Wigan and in our 4th year of business. I'm a big believer in good customer service and that was the first thing I noticed with Mobelio as they were quick to respond to any questions we had and got our project underway quickly. We have a lot of competition through Facebook locally so decided to try Mobelio's Mobile Coupon service to see if it could offer an edge over our competitors. We ran a 4 day competition coupon on Facebook targeting our local area.

    In 4 days of running the mobile coupon with Mobelio we managed to collect over 500 emails (something we previously struggled with) and generated over £2000 extra in sales the following week. We also increased our page likes by over 1000 too which was an added bonus. We now run weekly coupons and send out weekly promotional emails using the Mobelio service. A massive thanks to the team at Mobelio for their work and look forward to what you guys bring to the table next.

    Suzie Schofield
    Sneaky Peeks Boutique

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Mobile Coupon Campaigns

How Do Our Mobile Coupon Campaigns Work?
  • Mobile Optimized Coupons

    Create and run your own mobile optimized coupons. Want to give away a discount, or run a viral competition. Our mobile coupons allow you to do this easily.

  • Designed Around Your Brand And Business

    Have your own designed mobile coupons around your brand and company colours.

  • Social Driven Viral Campaigns

    Run competitions and offers socially. Require people to share your coupon campaign with their friends to enter competitions or unlock/claim discounts and offers from your business.

  • Countdown Timers, Fixed Redemptions & Locations

    Create mobile coupons with countdown timers, fixed redemptions and location specific too.

  • Build Customer Email & SMS Lists Seamlessly

    Every business owner knows that the "money is in the list". Mobile coupons allow you to build a database of potential customers ready to be contacted about your business, offers and more.

  • Email & SMS Integration

    Keep in touch with anyone that redeems a coupon, or enters a competition via email and SMS. If you have a new offer you want to shout about, or a special event you are promoting, you have the ability to send emails and SMS messages to all of your coupon users with 1 click.

  • Micro Filtering

    Customize and send emails and SMS messages to certain coupon redeemers. Want to send a special thank you for entering a competition with a discount offer? Or want to say thanks to those that redeemed a coupon today? Now you can with our Micro Filtering features.

  • Full Campaign Management

    We can do the work for you. Let us execute coupon campaigns for your business and build a buzz around your discounts, special offers and new products!

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Still Got Questions?

In a nutshell, our mobile coupons can work in several different ways…

Our coupons are all about "Actions to Redeem", meaning that you can run coupon campaigns that require users to take an action to redeem it.

This can be a "Share On Facebook" or "Retweet On Twitter" to unlock, or you can request a name, email/phone number instead. This allows you to create viral campaigns on your offers, or build a database of potential customers you can keep in touch with.

This can all be achieved easily, all within our platform.

Yes, of course. You can choose whether you require a share or retweet to redeem, or if you require a name email or phone number.

Yes, you can control everything. You can restrict how many times a customer can redeem your coupon, and where they can redeem it from. For example, you can set it up so customers can only redeem a coupon once, and you can also lock it to your location too, so it can only be redeemed at a certain location.

All of this is controlled by you easily.

With the Mobelio platform, you can create as many different mobile coupons as you require. We have businesses that have a different mobile coupon for each offer that they run. We also have businesses that run a different offer via a mobile coupon each month. You can create as many as you want within our platform.
If you setup a coupon that requires a name, email or phone number to redeem, such as some of the competition coupons businesses have run above, we collect that data for you within your Mobelio account. You then have the ability to send marketing emails and SMS messages to your coupon redeemers at any time within our platform, with one click.
To get started, just click here or on any of the green buttons on this page to get started with our mobile coupon platform today.

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