The main difference between standard Desktop sites and Mobile sites is size and user experience. A regular Desktop site is designed for website visitors on laptop and PCs. Essentially, this is what Desktop sites have always been built around. With the growth of Mobile users though, Desktop sites do not generally serve up the best user experience for mobile users as they are not built and designed with mobile users in mind.

A mobile site is a smaller site that has been built and designed with mobile users in mind and fits the smaller screens of smartphones perfectly. All elements of a mobile site are created to give mobile users the best experience possible to help them take action. This includes an easier to use site on a smaller screen, smaller size for faster loading, and other elements such as “tap to call and email”, “directions generator” and more.

With the growth of mobile users, has come the growth of mobile internet users, and while desktop sites are great for what they are intended for (PC and Laptop users), they are not built with mobile users in mind.

It isn’t a case of Desktop Vs. Mobile, it is a case of combining the two, and making sure that whatever device a website visitor is using, they are met with the best user experience possible to increase the likelihood of them taking action with you and your business.

Mobelio is a quick, easy and affordable way to build a mobile site that can compliment your current Desktop site.

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