Updates For Mobelio

New Updates To Our Mobile Website Builder!

Recently we’ve had a few requests from some Mobelio users.

The main 2 were:

1. Ability to redirect on Tablets.
2. Google Analytics Integration

So, we’ve made these additions to your platform, and you can now turn tablet redirection on/off, along with get your mobile website stats within Google Analytics.


1. Tablet Redirection


tablet redirection

Up until now, we have only allowed redirection on smartphones – but we have had a few requests to allow redirection on tablets.

You can now do this with the click of a button on the ‘Redirect’ page.

Once you select ‘Yes’, your website will automatically be redirected on tablets. No need to change your redirect code.

It’s that simpleā€¦




2. Google Analytics Integration


google analytics

Although we have the mobile analytics built into each Mobelio account, we understand the importance of tracking how your site is performing.

After all, you can never get enough information about how your potential customers are interacting with your site, can you?

With that in mind, we have added integration with Google Analytics.

You can now simply place your tracking code in your mobile site, and start gathering even more data to improve your customers mobile experience.


We’re currently working on more new features and updates, but have a HUGE announcement to make over the next 2 weeks.

Keep an eye out for an email/blog post!

Thanks for you support.

The Mobelio Team

Mobelio is a mobile marketing platform designed to help businesses tap into the power of smartphone users locally. From mobile loyalty programs, to mobile coupons and also mobile websites.
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