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Mobile Loyalty + Smart Micro Filtering = Personalised Marketing

Here at Mobelio we are excited to announce a new revolutionary feature that has just been implemented into the back end of our mobile loyalty programs. This new feature will drastically change the way all businesses can market to their loyalty program users.

Introducing our brand new micro filtering options that will give you the ability to laser target specific groups of customers via Email/SMS.

One of the major benefits of mobile loyalty (alongside customer retention using incentives of course) is the ability to “market” and “stay in touch” with your customers. Mobelio makes this easy, and you can send an email or SMS to your loyalty program users with just a couple of clicks.

One thing we have always focused on is giving businesses the ability to segment their loyalty program users into groups, with our smart “Micro Filtering” features. These features allow you to send an email or SMS to a specific group of your loyalty program users.

We have just released several new “Micro Filtering” options that take this a step further and make it easier than ever to “Market”, “Re-Engage” and “Keep In Touch” with specific groups of your customers. This allows you to laser target your email and SMS marketing campaigns within Mobelio and are all available as part of our mobile loyalty program platform.

So, what new micro filters have we added?

1. Last Visited You Within…

Recent visit

Want to send a thank you email or SMS to customers that have been and bought from you today? Or send a special offer to customers that have been in within the past week or month? Now you can with our “Last Visited You Within…” micro filter.

This new smart filter allows you to select your customers based on how recently they have visited you. For example if you own a hair salon and  have had a busy month you can now send an email or SMS to all those people who have visited your salon this past day/week or month thanking them for their time and offering them a small reward. Personality in business is crucial these days, and small additions like this make all of the difference.

2. Hasn’t Visited For…

Hasn't visited for

This micro filter allows you to do the complete opposite to the one above, meaning you can now filter your loyalty program users based on how long they haven’t visited you for.  This can drastically change the way you market to your customers by allowing you to send email/SMS messages to the people who say haven’t visited you in the past 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or more . Re-Engaging past lost customers is something many businesses have no way of doing. Our platform now gives you the ability to do this in just a few clicks.

3. Filter By Gender…

gender filter

If the two new micro filters above got your creative juices going, this one will take that to the next level still. We have also implemented the ability for you to specifically target who you want to send a message too based on their gender.

This brand new micro filter makes life a lot easier for you, when it comes to promoting or shouting about specific offers better suited to women, or alternatively, better suited to men.

Say for example you are a Personal Trainer that offers “Ladies Only Bootcamps”. You can now send out promotional emails and SMS messages using Mobelio just to your female customers. The same goes for the opposite too.

Do you have a male orientated offer and want to laser target your messages to males only? Now you can with just a couple of clicks. In the past both would of had to of been sent out together on either the same email of SMS, now you can send two separate messages out too your customers, creating a more personal touch based on whom you are targeting.

The Future Of Mobile Loyalty For Businesses

We have always been about one thing, providing a platform where businesses can build stronger and longer lasting relationships with customers. Mobile Loyalty helps you do this, and with our micro filtering features, you now have the ability to laser target marketing campaigns via email and SMS in a way you cannot do anywhere else.

We are excited to see you using them! :)



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