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How To Work Out If Your Business Even Needs A Mobile Website

You have been told you need to “Go Mobile” and that your website is broken because it isn’t “Optimised For Mobile Phones”, but is this really the truth? Do you really need a mobile website right now? Are you really losing business because your website is hard to use on a smartphone? This is what you are being told, but is it the true? In this article we are going to show how, for free, you can work out if you actually do need a mobile website right now, or if it can wait.

How Do You Find Out If You NEED To “Go Mobile”

There are 3 simple steps involved, and how quickly you will be able to complete these steps will depend on if you already have STEP 1 in pace.

Step One: Install Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the ultimate website analytics platform and it is free to install. You can find out more about it here! To install Google Analytics on your website, you will first need to setup an account with Google (if you don’t already have one) and follow their setup instructions. You will be required to install a piece of tracking code on your website for it to start tracking visitors. The reason you need to install this is because Google Analytics will tell you how many “Mobile” visitors you are actually getting on your website right now. By analyzing this, you can then make an informed decision on whether it is worth investing in a mobile website.

Step Two: Allow Google Analytics Time To Track

If you have already got Google Analytics installed on your website, and have done for some time (at least a week), skip to Step 3 below! If you have only just installed Google Analytics on your site as per step one, now is the time to hang fire for a little while before moving onto Step 3. We need to allow Google Analytics the time to track visitors on your site. Now this usually happens after 24 hours and you should start seeing data, but it is always best to gather more than one days worth of data for analysis. Ideally a full month of tracking is best, so you can get a full overview, but, a week would suffice in many cases. Essentially, you are looking to see if you are getting regular/consistent mobile visitors hitting your site and what percentage of your traffic is coming from mobile. After around a week, you will start to see a pattern.

Step 3: Analyzing The Tracking Data For Mobile

This is the easy part! All you need to do is login to your Google Analytics account and open up your Analytics dashboard for your site. You then need to navigate down the left hand side to the “Mobile” tab.

Google Analytics Mobile

As you can see from this image above, this site has received over 2000 visits for the month and when looking at the mobile section, a total of 197 visits have come from those on mobile devices. This equates to 8.40% of overall traffic for the month. Although the percentage of traffic is fairly low in the grand scheme of things, if nearly 200 people a month are hitting this site on a mobile phone, it might be worth making sure the site offers them the best experience.

Google released figures that 67% of mobile visitors leave an “unfriendly” mobile website without taking any action, simply because it was hard to use on a smartphone. So based on the last months traffic from the screenshot above, if this site was not mobile optimised, around 120 visitors would have just upped and left.

This is significant!

If you look at your own tracking statistics you can get a really good overview on how much “Mobile” traffic you are getting right now.

If this is a low amount, it may not be worth investing in a mobile website at this exact moment, but you should keep a close eye on it as this will undoubtedly grow over time.

On the flip side, if this number is fairly significant, it may be time to start thinking about how you can serve these visitors better. If a large percentage leave (according to Google) just because you are providing an unfriendly mobile version, then investing the time and money into a mobile website could work out to be the best investment this year. Aside from just looking at visitors of your site on an overview basis, with Google Analytics you can also dig down to look at Devices too. (see below)

Google Analytics Mobile

As you can see here, we can see exactly which type of mobile devices were used to visit our site and other important information such as “Visitor Time”, “Page Views” and also “Repeat Visits”.

Using Google Analytics you can not only see how many mobile visitors your website is getting right now, thus giving you a clear idea of how important “Going Mobile” is for your business, but you can also see exactly what mobile users are doing on your website too. This is invaluable information for any business and will undoubtedly show you how important mobile is to your web presence.

If your business is ready to go mobile and you want to look at how you can build your own mobile website, take a look at our easy to use drag and drop mobile website builder here > Click Here 

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