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Google Announce Huge Flash Update, Does This Affect Your Business?

Google have announced that their search algorithms will now detect pages that may not work on the device you are using. For example, iOS or Android versions 4.1 and higher, users may now encounter a warning message on search results that warns them about the content on the site, and how the Flash elements on the site may not work for them.

Here is the message they would see:




Pierre Far, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google said on Google+:


If your website still uses deprecated technologies that don’t work on mobile devices, it’s already well past the time to update it. For example, if a page’s main contents (or solely) uses Flash that doesn’t work on many mobile devices, starting today we will note that in the snippets in our search results.

So what should you do? Simple: Use HTML(5), JS, and CSS as they are the only technologies widely (and sometimes solely!) supported by all devices. For that, many Googlers have been working on Web Fundamentals to bring you the modern best practices.

Google recently announced two resources that will help webmasters make the switch to a website that will work on all types of devices regardless of the content they wish to serve:

  • Web Fundamentals: a curated source for modern best practices.
  • Web Starter Kit:a starter framework supporting the Web Fundamentals best practices out of the box.

So what now?

Well, first work out if your site has any flash elements within it. If you are unsure, you can always speak with the web designer that built your site.

If your site does contain flash elements, then either a redesign of your entire site, or the creation of a mobile site that can serve smartphone and tablet visitors much better is advised.

This is a huge statement from Google, and one that we have seen coming for a while. Flash has always been an issue with iOS devices. As a business owner, it is now absolutely essential that your website delivers for every single device.

If you do not want to redesign your entire website, as mentioned above, why not build a standalone mobile website with Mobelio? Our platform enables you to create a standalone mobile website for your business that works flawlessly on any device.

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