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Four Key Reasons Restaurants Need To Provide A Mobile Website To Customers

Does your restaurant appear closed to Mobile users right now?

That may sound like quite an absurd question, but, is becoming more and more of a legitimate problem for restaurants all over the world.

With global smartphone sales projected to reach 687.9 million units by the end of 2013 and 1.05 billion units by the end of 2014 and mobile Internet usage doubling year on year, there’s never been a better time for your restaurant to go mobile.

What do we mean when we say those words “Go Mobile?”

Well, the majority of restaurants worldwide now have a web presence. The problem is though that most websites have a website built for Desktop PCs and Laptops, essentially bigger screens. So, as soon as a mobile user on a smartphone lands on a “Desktop” site, they get an all to different experience. Going Mobile means to provide a mobile optimised website for mobile users only. A website that loads when a mobile user is detected on your site.

This video we created actually shows a “real life” example of how this can harm your business:

In this blog post, we want to actually detail FOUR reasons your restaurant needs to provide a mobile optimised experience to your customers. If the video above wasn’t enough of a reason to take this seriously, check out the 4 reasons below.

As more and more customers start using their mobiles to access the Internet, having a mobile optimized website is going to be one of the key factors for your restaurant’s success going forward. This article will highlight four key reasons for your restaurant to go mobile.

Mobile Website Restaurant Example

1. Improved Brand Image

One big benefit of getting a mobile optimized website is that it will improve customer’s perception of your restaurant. Non-mobile optimized websites take a long time to load, use up a large amount of battery power and have a clunky, unfriendly navigation. Mobile optimized websites on the other hand, load rapidly, use up less battery power and are extremely easy to navigate on a smartphone. This improved browsing experience is sure to impress customers who visit your restaurant’s website on their mobile and will give them a very positive perception of your business. As a result, they’ll be much more likely to remember your restaurant’s name and make it one of their regular dining choices in the future.

This article from Google in 2012 actually details how important this is > Customer Actions On Non Friendly Mobile Sites

2. Competitive Advantage

By getting a mobile optimized website, you can set yourself apart from competing restaurants and become one of the few restaurants that has a fast, smooth, attractive mobile optimized website. Customers often check out multiple restaurants on their mobile before deciding which one to eat at, so if you’re one of the restaurants with a website that works well on their mobiles, they’ll be very impressed and much more likely to make reservations with you over your competition. The article above also backs this up.

3. Direction Generation For Mobile Users

Another key benefit of getting a mobile optimized website is that you can provide direction generation for mobile users. This feature allows you to provide directions to mobile users on the move in your city or town, right to the front door of your restaurant. This can be especially beneficial for new customers that have never visited your establishment before. Make it easy for them to find you.

4. Click To Call

One final reason to go mobile with your restaurant is click to call. Click to call is an intuitive feature that allows customers to call your restaurant simply by tapping a button on their smartphone screen. This is much quicker and easier than customers having to remember your restaurant’s phone number and makes them much more likely to call your restaurant. Once you have them on the phone, you then have a great opportunity to convince them to dine with you and make a reservation.

In conclusion, the easier you make it for mobile users (everyday customers) to find and use your restaurant, the more likely they are to book a table with you and ultimately spend money with you, instead of the competition.

If you are yet to “Go Mobile” with your restaurant, you can build your own mobile website with our intuitive mobile website builder here at Mobelio!

Sign up for free today and start creating a mobile presence for your restaurant. Click here to get started!


Mobelio is a mobile marketing platform designed to help businesses tap into the power of smartphone users locally. From mobile loyalty programs, to mobile coupons and also mobile websites.
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