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Five Crucial Mobile Site Design Features Every Business Needs

Here at Mobelio we get to work with lots of different types of businesses when it comes to the creation of a mobile website.

This is one of the most exciting things I enjoy here at Mobelio Headquarters, especially when it involves working closely with one our users to help get more out of the mobile site they have setup with us.

One of the questions we get when helping businesses to create their own sites is…

“What Features Should I Be Including On My Mobile Site?”

Essentially, what should I actually be including on my mobile site to provide the best experience, and provide the best results.

So, let’s take a quick look at the backbone of a mobile site and what features all mobile sites should include to help generate better results.


1. Make Sure Website Visitors Can Contact You!

One feature all mobile sites should have is a “Tap To Contact” area on the site. This is where one of your website visitors can tap a button to call you or contact you easily.

This should be prominent on all of your mobile website pages. You need to make sure that it is easy for mobile website visitors to contact you.


2. Make Sure Your Site Is Easy To Navigate!

Navigation is a crucial part of any website, not just mobile. But, it becomes more important still on mobile sites. Make sure you make it as easy as possible to navigate around your mobile site.

Providing buttons, and navigational icons to help with navigating around your site make this a breeze. Always provide users with the next step!


3. Have A Location? Make It Easy To Find You!

If your business has a location for customers to visit, then make it easy for them to “Get Directions” right to your front door.

Using Google Maps, and direction buttons, regardless of where your customers are, they can plot directions right to your front door with one click.


4. Don’t Overcomplicate Content

Think about what smartphone users want in the first place?

They want information quickly!

So, with this in mind, don’t overcomplicate content. A mobile user looking for a local locksmith to come and help isn’t going to be looking to read 1000 word articles on the history of a company.

Ok, that is just an example, but you get the picture.

Provide your mobile site users with the things they need, formatted and structured with them in mind. Sometimes you can cut down long articles of content on your site to fit with the mobile theme, and this all helps with the user experience.


5. Keep Your Homepage Clean

The homepage of your mobile site is the most important page, as this is generally where most users land first.

So, don’t fill it with masses of content so uses have to scroll to find things. Keep it clean, keep the menu in view and ready to be used, provide contact options (see point 1 above) and maybe an image or two to spice things up.

The easier you make your homepage to digest and use, the more chance mobile users will take action in the way you want them too.

Mobile Website Example

These 5 elements are all extremely important when it comes to building and designing your mobile site. The key is to remember that smartphone users are looking to find things quickly.

Whether it is your phone number to give you a call, directions to your location or a certain piece of information about your company, make sure all of this is easily found.

If you have yet to get started on your business mobile site, Mobelio offers the perfect place to change that today.

Register for a free trial with us today HERE, and start creating your business mobile presence in minutes.

Jamie Garside Visit Website
Jamie is a Co Founder of Mobelio.
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