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3 Reasons Mobile Users Leave Your Site

Nowadays, our attention spans are on the wane. I’m sure you know what I mean…

One minute you’re getting ready to do some work, the next you’ve lost an hour on Facebook and Youtube. This happens to me all the time…

Usually this happens if I’m waiting for something to happen – like software to install, or someone to bring me a coffee…. :)

This is something that may be happening within your business right now. If your main website isn’t optimized for mobile, then there are 3 BIG problems:

1. Your website won’t load as fast as it should due to the fact it has been built for desktop browsers and fast internet connections.

How much does it suck when you’re trying to watch a video and it keeps buffering?

Well… the same can be said for large websites that load slowly on smartphones. You have about 10 seconds to catch someones attention. You’re site may be the best website in the world – but if it doesn’t load within 10 seconds then it’s not working for you…

2. It’s not easy to pinch and zoom your way around a website which isn’t built for a small screen.

Have you ever landed on a website on your smartphone, only for it too look like this…

Well – that’s because the website has been built with desktop/laptop users in mind, so when viewed on a smartphone, it has to ‘zoom out’ to fit the site on the screen.

This means that the user has zoom in and out, and move around the screen to find the information they want – and as I said earlier, nobody wants to have to spend 30 seconds searching for contact details, or trying to find/download a menu.

They want in instantly…and that is what a mobile optimised site can do for you.

3. Finding your contact information takes too long, and generally mobile users will have to memorise your phone number, or write it down on a piece of paper!

How do you expect a smartphone user to use their mobile to browse your site, but also get in touch with you?

If your number and email isn’t tap to call, then they will have to either have access to a pen/pad (remember those!?) or try and memorise your number.

I’ve done both…and it’s pretty annoying!

With a mobile site, you can have a simple button which a user can tap, and hey presto – they can get in touch with you with 1 click.

Mobile sites aren’t just about making your website look better on smartphones – it’s about giving a mobile user the positive experience they need to get in touch with you and ultimately, spend money with you.

Here at Mobelio, we’ve created the technology for you to create your mobile presence, without paying the high costs associated with modern day web design. Not only that, but you can try us out free! Click here to get started!

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David is the Co-Founder of Mobelio
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