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The Mobelio Story

What is Mobelio?

  • Mobelio was formed in early 2012 with the sole aim of providing a platform where businesses can tap into the power of mobile marketing easier than they have ever been able to before.
  • Marketing and advertising your business locally has changed rapidly over the past couple of years, and more emphasis has been drawn towards smartphones.
  • Most businesses don`t know where to start, and have no idea how to tap into the power of mobile marketing, so we decided to create a platform where they could do it easily and without the high costs usually associated with this.
  • From mobilizing your website and making sure your website offers the best experience for smartphone users, to powerful mobile loyalty programs and viral mobile coupons that allow you to incentivize customers to keep coming back.
  • We have created a platform that any business, large or small can leverage and utilize to generate new customers and build stronger relationships with existing customers like never before.

Who Created Mobelio? And Why?

Mobelio was created by Jamie Garside and David Chamberlain from a table in a local Starbucks in early 2012.

Jamie Garside

David Chamberlain

  • We had both been professional Internet marketers for several years before we became friends and were already working as marketing consultants to businesses individually, as well as on our own projects.
  • Back then, working with different businesses, big and small, we could see the same problems and issues reoccurring. Most businesses weren`t tapping into mobile users at all, and weren`t embracing the rapid growth of smartphones.
  • But, more importantly, there really wasn`t an easy way for businesses to do it without having to spend huge fees on custom work.
  • So, we decided to create a platform that would change the way businesses market locally and nationally and enable any business, big or small to compete locally and nationally for customers.
  • Mobelio was officially born in August 2012!
  • Over the months and years that followed we worked incredibly hard to design, build and create the ultimate mobile marketing platform that any business could use to get results.
  • We wanted to create a platform that businesses could use to generate more new customers, build stronger relationships with existing customers and above all, increase sales and profits of services and products.
  • All of this through smartphones!
  • Fast-forward to today, and we now have an ever-growing platform that provides solutions such as...
    • Mobile Loyalty Programs
    • Viral Mobile Coupons
    • Mobile Competition Coupons
    • Mobile Websites
    • Email Integration
    • SMS Integration
    • And More...
  • Our aim was to create an all in one platform that any business, regardless of size or industry, could use to tap into smartphone users.
  • We are happy to say we have achieved this and it gets better and better every single day.
  • Our platform now helps thousands of businesses everyday when it comes to mobile marketing, and every day we have new companies joining our platform, setting up campaigns and dominating their competitors!
  • Whether you are a local restaurant, car wash, personal trainer or hair salon looking to run your own "mobile optimized" loyalty program, or a fashion boutique, beauty salon or cake shop wanting to get your offers in front of thousands of mobile users locally, we have a platform that does exactly that.
  • Mobelio makes it easy for you as a business to tap into the power of mobile marketing without the high costs usually associated with this.
  • We already work with lots of different businesses, from lots of different industries and work with new companies every single day!
  • If you are looking to find out how you can be tapping into smartphone users with your business, we need to talk.
  • Let us help you!

Jamie And David

The Mobelio Founders!